Top 3 Ergonomic Office Chairs

ERGO Seating | WXO 5800M | 

The affordable alternative


  • Translucent ABLEX™ patterned-weave mesh back and seat provides generous lumbar and thoracic support while allowing dynamic back movement.
  • Upholstered models come standard with energy-absorbing ENERSORB™ seat foam, which conforms to the body and disperses weight ergonomically.
  • Intelligent synchronous TORGLIDER™ balanced recline mechanism (patent pending) automatically provides the right amount of support through the full range of recline motion, regardless of size and weight.
  • Two-position tilt-lock adjustment and pneumatic height adjustment.
  • Easy-to-use, height-adjustable arms with lockable, pivoting arm pads.
  • Contoured waterfall seat design helps reduce sitting fatigue.



  • High density, high resiliency, molded seat and back foam for comfort and durability.
  • A full back, dynamic, self-adjusting spring support system, embedded into the molded foam back.
  • Fixed height, polished aluminum arms with polyurethane arm pads.⊥ Waterfall seat design to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Built in headrest support.



  • The lumbar support can be easily adjusted up/down for personalized comfort and ergonomic back support.
  • Non-see-through NEBULA™ mesh back allows air to circulate for a comfortable sit in all environments. Facilitates side-to-side torso-flex, meaning the backrest follows the movement of the user’s back with uninterrupted support, increasing both mobility and comfort when reaching sideways.
  • Waterfall seat design gently slopes away from the legs, minimizing pressure on the thighs and promoting good posture.
  • Over 77% recyclable,with 40% less weight and material than comparable chair products.