About Us – We Understand Sustainability

Clearly committed to sustainability and the environment.

Government green is more than just green, and we understand it. Members of our staff have provided accredited training to facilities and design personnel at various GSA and agency offices.

Government Green.  Is there a difference? Yes. There are substantial differences between the matrix employed in commercial projects and federal government projects. Many government projects are specified in concert with the principles we find in *LEEDTM, or in the **BIFMATM Level Program. These platforms however are subordinate to the mandates we find in RCRA (The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act), Presidential Executive Orders, EPA Guidelines, USDA Bio-Based Initiatives and Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Federal compliance.  We will ensure that those EPA designated items with affirmative procurement status have all of the necessary documentation to accompany your RFQ—and that all products are responsive to RCRA, EOs, FAR, USDA and EPA guidelines and regulations. We understand these government mandates and know how to use them to our mutual advantage. By using our knowledge of materials, we select products that meet the specifications of a project and achieve the maximum reductions and eliminations of toxicity. Not many in the furnishings industry have a clear understanding of materials. We do, and as our client, our knowledge is your knowledge.

Recycling of existing products. Increasingly, contract documents are requiring that the successful contractor take the responsibility of recycling the old inventories of furniture that might be being replaced. We have solutions in place for recycling, re-deploying and/or re-purposing existing inventories of furniture.