Collaboration | Healthy Movement | Technology Integration

21st century classroom

We recognize that choosing the right classroom furniture should help students work together to achieve their potential. Equally critical to any furniture project is to constantly stay in touch with the latest emerging trends. Those trends include mobility, ergonomics, and the ever evolving technology. In today’s edition, we are showcasing some of those key elements of the 21st-century classroom.


Tables, chairs, and desks that support interaction among learners. There are a wide variety of shapes available in the market right now that facilitate collaboration. The traditional rectangular tables is still a good choice but we have seen that adding casters provides the much-needed mobility to create smaller learning groupings.

Healthy Movement

Seating that allows ergonomic movement for improved comfort and concentration. Moderate movement can improve focus and concentration. Sometimes the simplest thing can help, like standing up or bracing your legs on a footrest.

Technology Integration

The tables we are featuring today give individuals effortless control over their spaces for greater satisfaction and productivity. As you know sitting for long periods of time is the new smoking. In response, many manufacturers are offering height-adjustable tables that are easy to use.  In addition, the tables come with smart cable management. Clips efficiently route cables under worksurface. Table-to-floor expandable wire/ cable manager also available. Other tables can be equipped with technology support accessories for collaborative settings where computers are employed.

Height Adjustable Table

Collaborative Technology Tables