Canopy by Kimball | Benching Beyond Conventional

“Canopy’s flexibility, high functionality and malleability was designed to address today’s demanding workplace needs. It is a response to how we work today. With its simple assortment of accessories, it gives users a high degree of customization. Canopy is an incredibly adaptable system that can be configured to meet the ever-changing needs of a wide range of end users.”

—Primo Orpilla

Canopy by Kimball3 Things We Like about Canopy by Kimball Office

  • Canopy fits a range of options — heads-down, conference, small-team huddle—and makes them part of a single, customizable system.
  • You can work any way you want. Sit, stand, team up, or meet with visual privacy. Canopy seamlessly gives you those options.
  • The unexpected materials–exposed plywood edges, colorful work tools, wood truss accents, natural wool felt and a unique bungee display system


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